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5th Gen Cake Disposables


THC  85 – 91%

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The 5th gen cake disposable carts is a well span out strains of Indica, sativa and hybrid caked in 20 plus flavored variety. The Gen 5 strains are known for their delicious flavors profile and supremely relaxing high. Cake Waves of relaxation wash over you after just a few puffs of this sweet treat. Releasing anxiety and tension from the neck and shoulders until a full-bodied relaxation is achieved. The insanely delicious flavors and powerfully relaxing effects will take the cake 5th gen disposables to the top of your favorites list. A great choice for unwinding after work, days off, and quiet evenings with your special someone. Cake is also a good choice for those seeking relief from stress and anxiety.


Pink gelato(indica), Lemonchello (hybrid), Candy-Land, Strawberry cupcake(sativa), Apple tarts (hybrid), Crème brûlée(indica), Papaya punch(hybrid), Orgasmic orange(sativa), Gelatti X cake(sativa), Peach mango(indica), Sour haze(sativa), Pixie dust(indica), Rainbow gushers(sativa), Strazz(indica), Emerald diamonds(indica), Passion orange guava(sativa), Krypto chronik(hybrid), Sugar baby (hybrid), Cream pie(indica), Blueberry pancakes( indica), Acai berry (hybrid)

5 reviews for 5th Gen Cake Disposables

  1. Chad

    Incredible highs, definitely recommend if you’re looking to sneak up out into the universe lol. Only disappointed that y’all aren’t providing wholesale on these

    • Cakecartridges

      Be rest assured, we’re working on it. Stay tuned

  2. Chad

    Great high, nice flavors

  3. Joie C

    Crème brûlée is a flavor to die for. Incredible high🥴

  4. Tasha

    Awesome, thanks

  5. Nathan

    Taste, quality is on point. I’d say 10/10

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